About Us

Naaz Chappal Co. Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 1999 by Mr. Anwar Khan (M.D). Naaz Chappal Co. Pvt. Ltd. is focused on creating
Fancy Leather sleepers, sandals, hawai & moulded foorwear which meet or exceed the expectations and aspirations of today’s
modern men, women & kid. Thorough attention is paid to the fine details from the stage of conceptualization to design,
manufacture and finish. Our products meet the quality control standards adopted by well known brands of India.
We make only limited number of products at any given point of time which enables us to pay undivided attention to styling,
material and workmanship. That’s reason every Universe Leather product is a masterpiece. The materials are sourced from
the very best in business and are choosen with atmost care. Every stage of production is closely monitored for quality.
The result is that the end buyer need not pay incident price for a top quality product. No wonder Naaz Chappal Co. Pvt Ltd.
Works has become a well known name in India.